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December Game Updates: Frostbeard's Forest!

December Game Updates: Frostbeard's Forest!

Postby themonkeyquestteam » Fri Dec 06, 2013 12:01 pm

Winter Wonder Maze
The Winter Wonder Maze is back and better than ever! Make your way to the top for daily prizes, and be sure to say hello to Frostbeard while you're there (after all, how often do we get to see him?). Remember you can always ask the elves if you need directions in the maze. The special shortcut for members is still in the maze too!

Frostbeard's Forest
Explore the ALL-NEW area, Frostbeard's Forest! There's lots to do there. We enjoyed racing each other down the snowy slopes (find the snowboard and press the key indicated to start the race) and lighting up the giant holiday tree. There are familiar faces (Starshine and her winter items shop) and new faces (Alaina, who's part of a very secret society).

Cocoa Springs
What's better than a cup of cocoa? A GIANT TUB OF COCOA! Members can relax with Laurence in Cocoa Springs. Who knew marshmallows were tasty AND fun?

More Member Items!
There are some fantastic new weapons and gear available for members!

Don't Forget! Monkey Quest Download for Everyone! Mac & Windows
The Launcher has a new festive theme too! Click the Download Game button on the homepage to try the download version of Monkey Quest.

Bug Fixes & Other Additions
* More dictionary words
* Venom armor is back!
* Bug Fixed: The Wounded Monkey is no longer blocking Siv.
* Bug Fixed: Jack-in-the-Boxes can be opened in highways

As with all new content, you might see something we missed! If you see a glitch, let us know what you're doing, what else is running and when you experience the issue. Then please submit a bug report here:

We always want to hear what you think. Send us your feedback! What do you love? What do you wish we would change? Tell us!
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